SFT Screamer Electric Guitar Strings

A Nickel/Iron Alloy combination string. This results in very powerful tone while still maintaining a bright output sound.

Precision made, boutique SFT strings are formulated for guitarists who want a string with consistent tonal quality, high output and increased sustain. These strings incorporate the finest USA metal alloy available. We don’t just think they are good, we think they are the finest string available. Try them and sound instantly better!

Rockin or shreddin’, just incredible tone!

A very powerful and bright output with great sustain and vibrations. Reviewers attest to the clarity and brightness of these strings. They also acclaim how long they last while maintaining their tone. Tone is consistent, clear, strong and because they handle so well and remain clean, they sound better.

“I have been playing _ _ _ and _ _ _ _ _ strings for over 35 years in my magical music career and after playing your strings just one time, I would never play or use anything else. Im hooked. The feel and the tone that I can get is out of this world killer.” – Buzzy Martin www.buzzymartin.com 

£6.99 each