V-Strings Vintage Nickel Electric Guitar Strings

Not just good! These are what you have been missing…

Focused on that old 50’s-60’s Vintage Sound, V-Strings are a high Nickel content string, formulated with a special Vintage wrap to core ratio to give you a true Vintage sound. Maximum output, harmonic response, and ultimate flexibility! These string sets work well on any single-coil or humbucking equipped instrument. A specially designed alloy combines several other components for extra long life, durability, and low fret-wear.

“V Strings are new, but have that killer Vintage tone. I don’t know how you guys do it but you do it right. Amazing and I will never use anything else.” Jerry P.

“Used a set of Sfarzo Strings at last nights gig and they felt fantastic! Great tuning too. Probably the third time in my 50 years of playing that I’ve felt a string brand has made a difference to my playing.Thank you,I’ll be back!” – Jim Keilt
£10.99 each