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 UK Sfarzo Artists


Sfarzo Doobie Pat_Simmons_Wine

“Sfarzo Strings, you just can’t break ’em!”

– Pat Simmons, The Doobie Brothers – www.thedoobiebrothers.com/

“I am delighted to be using Sfarzo strings and after 3 solid 7 hour days of rehearsing, the strings remain true and clear. Even the lighter strings have the authority that i would normally associate with something heavier”.


– Terence Reis, the Dire Straits Experience – direstraitsexperience.com

“Sfarzo Guitar strings are amazing! The best strings I’ve used! The coating on them is amazing, it’s strong, bright and durable! They also have a fantastic range for different players. The sound quality is fantastic and the team at Sfarzo are just as great and as user friendly as the strings!”

“The Sfarzo Bass Strings are fantastic too! They have great character, are bright yet have a well rounded sound! They are a great continuation of the Sfarzo format of Electric & Acoustic strings and I would highly recommend them!”


– Lee Royle, Prose – www.prosemusic.com

“I’m happy to say that Sfarzo Guitar Strings have breathed new life into my guitar playing. Handmade strings with a quality, feel, tuning reliability and clarity of tone are a no brainer for me – no matter what type of music I’m playing. 

I’m glad I’ve made the change to Sfarzo, I won’t be looking back!”

Chris Walton

– Chris Walton – www.chriswaltonmusic.bandcamp.com/releases


Paul Connop_BW_HR.JPG

– Paul Scott Connop, The Scott Matthews Band – www.paulconnop.com and www.scottmatthews.uk

“I came across Sfarzo strings by chance at a trade fair and bought a couple of packets to try. As a guitarist i’m looking for strings that produce a quality evenness of tone, feel great and inspire me to play. 

Sfarzo V strings certainly do that! There’s no going back now”!


– John McAlpine

Used a set of Sfarzo Strings at last nights gig and they felt fantastic! Great tuning too. Probably the third time in my 50 years of playing that I’ve felt a string brand has made a difference to my playing.Thank you,I’ll be back!

JK and Beast

– Jim Keilt

I strung my main guitar with them and used it exclusively for the duration of the rehearsal and was immediately struck with how bright the Sfarzo strings are. I’ve used every conceivable set over the years and found that the ones that retain their character for any length of time, and consistently stay in tune, are few and far between. I change my strings for every gig and I expect the feel and response of the strings to be consistent from the first song to the last one and, after a three hour rehearsal last night, the Sfarzo strings delivered!

Brian Rawson

– Brian Rawson

“The tone on the guitar starts with the strings and Sfarzo strings have this in abundance”
Anth Purdy 1940 Living Room Photo credit Graeme Ogle
– Anth Purdy

“Sfarzo strings feel incredible, have excellent dynamics, improved sustain and a long lifespan, not to mention the best tone from a guitar string I’ve ever had. They are my go to for all guitars.”
Ben Hartwell
– Ben Hartwell

“Sfarzo Bass strings have a low end power and clarity I’ve not experienced before”

Martin Jenkins 2

– Martin Jenkins, Lonehead

“Hi there. I’ve recently discovered Sfarzo strings. What can I say, wow!! Strings – I’ve tried them all over the years – some great, some not so great and others just plain awful. Sfarzo strings are the best I’ve used to date, and I am now using these exclusively on my guitars (SFT Screamers). They sounds great, feel great and seem to last longer than any other strings I’ve tried”.
Simon Rogers
– Simon Rogers, Ghost Community

“They scream louder than my wife!”


– Dave Barlow plays SFT Screamers


Charlie Rachael Kay

– Charlie Rachael Kay plays Alloy 5109 and V-String Bass


UK Sfarzo Retailers


“Being a musician and guitar shop owner its hard to get excited about ‘new strings’ as I see and try so many different brands, all good but all much the same. Then I found Sfarzo, I loaded my gretsch and wow, instant noticeable feel and resonance. When your keyboard player asks ‘whats different’ you know there is something very different. Returning customers are converted and they’ve brought many an old acoustic a new lease of life without breaking the bank! They even ping out of the packet with excitement”!

Amp Guitar Shop

– Chris Insley, Amp Guitars, Macclesfield

“After working through the many Bass strings I have access to, I still have the Sfarzo strings on my Precision, no reason to change. Love them. My favourite rounds”.

– Mark, Electro Music, Doncaster

“I’ve tried all the string brands, and can honestly say I’d be very happy using any of them! Heard about Sfarzo SFT’s with higher iron content and I could tell even when I was restringing the guitar that these were a different class…..straight away there was an extra zest to to feel and sustain, and even little riffs I’d often get wrong were now easier…….!! Brilliant strings, the best I’ve tried, highly recommended.”

The SFT 11’s are now ‘my string.’ Tried them all but the SFT’s just feel alive in your hands…awesome” 

– Rick Manning, Marvel Guitars, Timperley

“Make the Tone switch – we all have”!

– Chris Fairely, Guitar Zone, Halifax and Harrogate

“I have stopped using my previous strings now, i’m completely on Sfarzos!”

– Louis Davey, EES Music, Ipswich

Ben Wiles - Sfarzo

– Louis Davey, EES Music, Ipswich

UK Sfarzo Customers

I recently bought some of your strings through MusicStreet-UK. I’ve put a set of Blues on a PRS Archtop and some Regulars on an old Standard 22 stoptail and they sound fantastic ! They’ve got a really sweet tone, full of body and bite where needed. They also stretched in really quick !. Next job will be some SFT Screamers on my Crimson Guitars S-Type. I’m converted !

– David Harman

“Very, very good – balance excellent, harmonics abound all over the fretboard, string bending was superb, as was the feel – very slick. You can get them to howl beautifully. Output was noticeably higher to the extent that I had to reduce my pre-amp settings to avoid over driving. The lower tension makes playing much easier. Also, importantly for me, they have lasted well. The difference in the sound of these strings compared to any others I have ever used is pronounced. Rich tones from bass to treble and a unique character of their own improved about 80% of the patches on my rig without adjustment. I have never had another string which has had such a pronounced change in the sound and playability of my guitar (bought circa 1979).
They spoil you for anything else, and they make you think you’re a much better guitarist than you are”!
– Chaz

“Put the 11’s  acoustic V’s on the D45 and its come alive – also found the tuning stability was almost instant (although the weaverleys helped).”
“The strings are great, much better than the my previous strings. They look great on my guitars (USA Strats/Teles and Martin D45 Tree of Life) and sound even better. I am well pleased with the strings”.
– John Treadwell

“Thanks a lot for pointing me towards these V-strings, I just had great fun playing them for the first time.
I’m lucky to play an excellent T-style guitar, resonant en musical … but I hadn’t heard it like this before, to be honest.
Of course we’re talking percentages, but still it’s an obvious step up for me.
First impressions: vivid without being too punchy, a little silky, warm, very musical, inspiring to play, good output, easy to bend.
I’m definitely taking these to my guitar shop. I’m hooked”.

– Peter V Cas

I had been using ********* pure nickels (11 – 48) for a while, but what frustrated me about them was the G string, compared to the B & E strings was noticeably louder! so when playing these three strings I was compensating by striking the B & E strings slightly harder. My Compressor didn’t even out this difference in volume. ANYWAY…..THIS PROBLEM IS NOW CURED.  The sound level from ALL of the strings, when played is EVEN. Sfarzo V’s are a joy to play! That in itself has convinced that I have at last found the strings for me. String noise is really much lower and the general playability is also so much better. ITS A WIN WIN STRING!! LOL Many thanks for now Bob

– Bob Longhurst

“I installed a set of your pure nickel strings on Les Paul and was immediately positively impressed. I have played guitar for over 40 years.
I liked the tonality a lot and the V strings give me a clear and powerful sound.
Also, the strings feels nice under my fingers (I can’t explain) and they stay completely in tune, even when I twang them sometimes very heavily”.
– Asko Kavala

“Excellent strings”.

– Colin Maheu

Great sounding string, great customer service. Thank you”.

– Guitar Man 123

“I have used Alloy 5109’s, Nickelanium’s and Phosphor Bronze Acoustics on all my guitars for years since my guitar tutor recommended them to me as a teenager. I love them, great price, cool branding, never break, sound awesome, great for bends”.

– Henry Tanner

“Hi just sending feedback on sfarzo bass strings I purchased from you at guitar show in Urmston. Put them on Jazz Bass and blown away by improved tone and volume. Best strings I’ve ever had on my Bass”.

– Tom Morgan

“Used Sfarzo strings for the first time at a gig last night. Amazing. They kept their tune better, felt better and have better tone than anything I have used before. I recommend that you get some of these”.

– Mike Grubert

“I have re-strung with your strings and am very  impressed!”

– Judd Lufthouse

“My philosophy to how strings sound is much the same as it is for how they feel ie; I don’t want them to sound wildly different to strings that have been on for a couple of days, I just want them to be consistent and sound as I expect”.

“Yes I would have to say I still prefer my Thomastik Infeld Blues Sliders, but then they do cost 3 times the price so taking that in to account, considering I change strings on my main guitar every week, that’s a big consideration. Yours are priced similarly to the standard D’addario, Ernie Ball, Rotosound etc and I would place them leagues ahead of all those”. 

“High end performance for budget string price”.

– Adam Rogers

“Hi, the Alloy 5109 Acoustics arrived in the post yesterday and after stringing them up on my guitar, i’m very happy! The quality is unbelievable. I have passed on my recommendation to the rest of my bandmembers too”!

– Lewis Anderson

“I got the strings this morning in the post, great fast shipping! And i can safely say, i absolutely love them! After tuning down and back up again multiple times, the strings keep the same great sound. They keep in tune very well and are really nice to play”!

– Jamie Johnson


“Your strings are my answer since a while, and no need to say that they are amazing. They hold my sound so well, incredible sustain and precision, and seeing the way I pull on them sometimes, it seems that they rarely break. Have a great day/night”.

 – Chris Menta

“Your strings are the bomb ……… Where have I been all these years …. I got the so called “Jimi” set, these blow everything else away ……. I will order more this week Blues and Bass sets. Yes I want to endorse your strings. What do you want …. My first born? Let me know.

 – Ernest B

“I used to use ___ Low Tune .011-.058 and discovered Sfarzo some months ago while looking around on Juststrings.com I was a bit curious, so I picked up 3 sets of Screamers along with my usual __ brand. I wasn’t expecting such a big gap in quality!

The Screamers are sounding much more balanced and bright, with lots of sustain and bottom! Also very durable! I tried ___, _____ ____, ________, and I must tell Sfarzo are the best strings I put on my axe so far. The new album will be out in March, followed by a promo tour and I want the really best for my guitar. That’s why I would be proud to become part of the great Sfarzo Artists Family!

– Julien Huyssens of the band ANWYNN

“I bought a pack of your strings from Tall Toad in Petaluma. I immediately went home and strung up the old tele … love the strings!! I’ve been a huge fan of Thomastik Power Bights for about 10 years now; but these are my new number one! Thanks for providing the world with dyno-mite strings!!”

 – Nick Giusto


SFT Screamers at Crimson Guitars

Alloy 5109 at Crimson Guitars

V-Strings at Crimson Guitars

SFT Screamers – Darkside Shine USA

Sfarzo Artist – Viscious Rumours

Sfarzo Artist – Terry Lauderdale

SFT Screamers – Pat Simmons Doobie Brothers

Sfarzo Artist – Joe Walla

SFT Screamers – Guy Matthews

SFT Screamers – Damage Inc

Counter Balance USA

SFT Screamers – Norman Greenbaum

Sfarzo Artist – Joe Walla, Grasshopper

Alloy 5109 – Roger Steen, The Tubes

Sfarzo Artist – Mark Lanoue, Fiction Syxx

Nicola Strings


The Making of a Nicola String – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2Js51asQiw


Nicola Artists


Rex Carroll – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hy3B5TMZ3E

Johnnie LaGrange & Tommy Cox – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hy3B5TMZ3E

Joshua Jarman – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKjDGk6l7mg